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Here in the Westcountry we have incredible produce on our doorstep that will rival anywhere in the world, at The Treby we look to make the very most of our habitat and expert suppliers to bring the people of Devon an exceptional dining experience that is constantly evolving with the seasons.


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In Season

From 21st June to 22nd September - The beginning of summer is signified by the solstice; the point at which the sun is at its highest point in the sky. In the kitchen, for us, this means the point at which cabin fever really starts to kick in. The point at which we are slowly coming to terms with our neighbours, who seem to finally get their own back with alluring aromas of post work BBQ’s.

But this is a short-lived struggle and we do not have time to dwell on it, because with the arrival of every new summers day comes the arrival of an abundance of the Southwest’s peak produce for the chefs to busy themselves with. Our days are a frantic hustle, to steal the best pans, hoard the most number of containers, taste all our new produce and lock in the flavour of the sun. We are just the middlemen for our world class ingredients



Micro leeks are a truly unique and special product that have been carefully cultivated and picked in prime condition especially for us at The Treby Arms. They take minimal cooking with only a quick sauté to lock in their natural sweet onion flavours. Our micro leeks are a product that for me, is the essence of this time of the year. In the next few months the plethora of stunning flora that will grace the our kitchen and your plates, is exactly what we're all about. This dramatic transformation from rain sodden fields and rich hearty food, to sunnier days and plates of light elegant food - is sure to keep us all on our toes.



We are now in full flow of a season that will stretch us into the back end of the summer and Native Cornish lobsters are a product that we, in the Southwest, can lord over the rest of our more land dwelling restaurant friends. Living so close to the warm waters of the south coast and building up good relationships with day boat fishermen has allowed us at The Treby Arms to source fantastic sweet and juicy 1st of the season lobster straight out of the pots and straight onto your plates that evening, or late lunch if we get a push on! For us, local lobster is a must have ingredient at this time of year.


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The Chef’s Latest Menu Picks

Here at The Treby Arms our menu evolves regularly depending on the freshest quality produce on the day. However, our talented Chefs always have a selection of their favourites adorning the menu, which he will share with you as the menu changes!

Chef’s Specials


40+ day aged beef, egg yolk gel, mustard shoots, grains and ale

Red mullet£28

Native lobster, carrot purée, courgette flower and garganelli

Yuzu Ver.2£12

Meringue, fennel pollen and cucumber